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Bandita Phukan  
Science Fiction Works
Her 4 (four) science fiction story collections, were based on ROBOTS, ALLIENS ( Extra terestrials from outer space, their relationships with human beings, LOVE and SACRIFICS by Ets for human beings, Transplantation of brain, human bodies, change of weathers, the feelings of a person who lived for hundreds of year, his losses, feeling of love hate etc., relativity influences.
In her science fiction novel 'XONDHAN' the famous Astronomists of NASA - Dr. Robert Edward invented a planet which has the same environment as earth, but it is situated 7 ( seven ) light years away. Dr. Robert started preparation for sending the first batch of human beings to the said planet. He faced innumerable problems as to what food will stay good for such a long period, how to arrange supply of such food, who will serve them and take care of them, while they are busy in recording and conducting experiments, whether they will be affected by zenom...will the travellers reach their 'XONDHAN' these problems were addressed.
The Novel "JODI" is based on human clonning. Though it is forbidden to conduct any experiments on human clonning, some scientist are tempted to do so. If a cloned human child is produced, what will be his physical and mental status? These questions were dealt with by the characters in the novel...the scientist, the CLONE and the others...
In the Novel "CHOTURMATRIK", ( FOURTH DIMENSION ), the writer explained that human being can see felt and appreciate only three dimensional objects...but there may be another world in the fourth dimension, existing parallaly with our known existing world...How will human beings deal with them?
  Once some ET's from a distant planets came to the earth for conducting research on the human brain. They created disasters in the earth. No human beings could see or them. However the dogs could see and hear them. Fortunately, a young software engineer named Prodyut had the unusual hearing capacity above 20,000 decibals. A ET from the fourth dimension has fallen in love with Prodyut who was a married person. Prodyut contacted NASA informing his uncanny capabilities and offering his help.
In "KIYO ENE HOISE" a mysterious problems arising out of imbalance in gravitational forces in a particular place, and the problems arisen out of the same was dealt...
ABEG ARU JUKTIRE : 'Abeg' means passion and 'Jukti' means logic in assamese. The human brains have two parts Right & Left. The right part is for emotion, music, arts, imagination etc. and the left part is for logic, mathematics, speaking capacity for expression of thought etc. Bandita depicts some problems and their solutions both for logical and emotional persons.
She also translated twenty books based on biographies of twenty world famous scientists from English.
AWARDS : She has won award from the Assam Publication Board for her children novel Jumi, Rima aru xi*hot . One of her children novel was been awarded as the best children novel by Asom Lekhika Sontha and another too by Dibrugarh Jila Sahitya Porixod
She also won the best short story award from Sodou Assam Lekhika Somarwh .
In 2006, the same organization offered her an award for her contributions in children literature.
Till date, ninety three books including eighteen children novels written by her were been published.
Lots of articles on various subjects, short stories, novelettes written by her were been published in different magazines and papers in Assam.
Bandita was awarded Sahitya Akedemi for children literature in 2011.
She was awarded Sahityk Bota from the Govt. of Assam in 2011.
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